Text version of ibigbug online

The initial release note for text version of digital character ibigbug®

I'll post some random thoughs generated by a online character @ibigbug, which is so called the text version of ibigbug® online.

The name ibigbug is from a title of an online album "Your outlook of the world is a big bug" and then has been used by a physical person in the real life for many years as an online ID.

It's technically OK to call ibigbug® as a virtual character since it doesn't exist in the physical world, as in you can't touch it, feel it, or talk to him, when you don't have access to the Internet, i.e. when you are offline. However, it does create a lot of digital footprints online, like Tweets, Photos and Codes. You can reach , talk to it, like it, hate it or even have sex with it online. Or if you spent enough time online, in which case, you will live in the world where this character exists, you can almost say that it's a real character when being online becomes your real life.

I'm the creator of the online character ibigbug®. Today I created a pure text version of this character, which contains only text information that is generated or related to this character. All the contents you are seeing here is only of ibigbug®'s own idea, the creator doesn't take any responsibility. It costs a lot to create and maintain a such thing, and it costs more to completely delete/destroy it, so I'll leave this character online and have myself spend more time in the physical world.

You can always checkout this version at Random Thoughts assuming at here I'm allowed to post any contents that I want with no cencorship or regulation problems :)